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About lacole

Lacole Whitfield, also known as "The Life Agent Mentor" is a Licensed Insurance Agent, Wealth Strategist, Educator, and Mentor. With over 20 years of experience in the service industry and almost 8 years in the insurance business, her passion to serve the community in the financial services market, and create opportunities for other minorities are the driving force behind her own legacy. Lacole and the team work together to provide 'Elevated Solutions',  through high-level, thorough education and service -  offering peace of mind, security, and assurance to all clients. 

The strategy: Protect income and assets from potential financial devastation and loss as a result of accident, injury, illness, or death of the individual, their families, key employees, or business partners.  We also specialize in constructing plans and funding sources to achieve supplemental tax-advantageous savings, versus traditional investing methods for business owners and investors.  

Whether the approach is maximizing opportunities with safe, conservative, tried and tested financial tools for personal use, insuring for business protection and succession planning, or simply defining and securing your estate plan and trust, we partner with you, our financial institutions, and industry professionals such as Estate Planning Attorneys and CPAs to help you build a solid financial future.   


Institutions & PARTNERSHIPS

Insurance is the cornerstone of a good and diversified financial portfolio regardless of age or income bracket. It is a fundamental tool for the protection against personal liability, asset protection, and transferring wealth efficiently, and is one of the best-kept secrets of the wealthy. Collaborating with A++-rated insurance companies by the financial rating agencies with billions and even trillions in surplus, we offer quality products that achieve results.  If you are a CPA, Accountant, or Estate Planning Attorney and are interested in partnering to educate your clients on effective strategies for protecting wealth, and for business continuation in your state, call or email us at info@whitfieldinvestmentgroup.com

  For Licensed Agents interested in opportunities or mentorship, email info@thelifeagentmentor.com.   


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